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Name:Sn50Pb50 Tin Lead Solder Wire
Name:Sn50Pb50 Tin Lead Solder Wire
Metal:Tin / Lead
Composition:50 / 50

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Product Description

Sn50Pb50 Tin Lead Solder Wire


Sn50Pb50 Tin Lead Solde Wire, is the"Ordinary solder", for soldering of brass, electricity meters, gas meters, formerly also tin cans. General purpose, for standard tinning and sheetmetal work. Becomes brittle below −150 °C.Low cost and good bonding properties. Rapidly dissolves gold and silver, not recommended for SMT.For wiping and assembling plumbing joints for non-potable water.


XF Sn50Pb50 Tin Lead Solder Wire with rosin core is a type of fast wetting and low spattering characteristics make it excellent for manual assembly and drag soldering applications.It is safe to use and operator friendly.Inspection is also made easier by its clear residue.It is an activated rosin cored solder wire.The halide activator system provides extremely good tarnish removing qualities and as such performs well on very poor soldering surfaces.

Sn50Pb50 Tin Lead Solder Wire post-soldering residues that are hard and which can be safely left(depending on classification of end use product)without the need to remove them.If the removal of residues is required then semi-aqueous or aqueous systems can be used effectively.

Feature of Sn50Pb50 Tin Lead Solder Wire:

Fast welding speed,superb wettibility,terrific expandability.

The tin-lead wire added the activated core 2%,featuring fast melting speed,superb wettibility,terrific expandability.Thereby it can offer distinguished soldering performance.

.Wonderful electrical conductivity,no core breakage and no splash.

.High temperature anti-oxygen

.Satisfactory soldering joint and favorable fluidity.

Solder joints are filled,and firm.Both RA and RMA are made in compliance with IPC J-STD-006 and JIS Z3283 class AA standards.All these solder flux can be dissolved in solvent,featuring a little smoke and very few splatters.

.Flux content ranges from 1.5%to 3.5%,while the wire diameter can be optional above 0.35mm(0.4mm,0.5mm,0.8mm,1.0mm…)


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