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    tin solder wire manufacturer in China

    Tin solder wire manufacturer in China


    We XI FENG TIN PRODUCTS CO., LTD has been in the manufacturing and exportation of tin solder wire in China since 2013. We're located in Pearl River Delta area in South China, near Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hongkong, very convenient transportation.

    We do we produce being as tin solder wire manufacturer in China?

    We majorly manufacture tin solder wire and tin solder bars in our factory. Our tin solder wires include two types: Leaded tin solder wire; Lead free tin solder wire. Details compositions of each type as below.

    Leaded tin solder wire:

    Tin solder wire 63/37: Eutectic alloy of the tin solder wire family. High tin content, good solder-ability and electrical conductivity, highest cost one among the leaded tin family.

    Tin solder wire 60/40: Very close property to alloy of tin solder wire 63/37, just with a slightly higher melting point. For most of the users, there is not obvious difference between 60/40 and 63/37, in most applications the 60/40 can replace the 63/37. And in western countries, plumbers also use the tin solder wire 60/40 to solder the copper pipes with fittings.

    Tin solder wire 40/60: A medium grade among the tin solder wire family. This alloy is about 1/3 cheaper in cost comparing to the tin solder wire 63/37. It has reasonable solder-ability and electrical conductivity, also can be used to solder plumbing like tin solder wire 60/40. Being as a tin solder wire manufacturer in China with so many years experience, we actually recommend tin solder wire 40/60 for more general applications, if you're not really using the solder for a high standard product, the tin solder wire 40/60 will be good enough. A very nice product with affordable price.

    Lead free tin solder wire:

    Tin solder wire SAC305: We manufacturer this solder with 96.5% tin, 3.0% silver, 0.5% copper. It contains high silver, and the silver makes it has very excellent electrical conductivity and solder-ability. But due to it contains high silver, cost wise it is high too. Recommended for high end application only, an advice from tin solder wire manufacturer.

    Tin solder wire SAC0307: This solder alloy contains 0.3% silver only, thus it's much cheaper comparing to SAC305 Tin solder wire. But this 0.3% silver merged into the solder and enhance the electrical conductivity. Recommended for medium end application.

    Tin solder wire SAC07: the most economic lead free solder, as it's alloy of tin and copper, without silver. It can meet most of the solder requirement, recommended for most general soldering purpose ranging from medium to low end but L-F is required.


    If you're looking for a tin solder wire manufacturer in China, please consider us XF solder. Email: or ; Whatsapp/Wechat: 008613450770997 ; main website:

    tin solder wire manufacturer in China


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