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Name:Tin Lead Solder Wire with Rosin Core Sn63/Pb37
Name:Tin Lead Solder Wire with Rosin Core Sn63/Pb37
Composition:Tin, Lead, Flux
Percentage of Tin:from 12 to 63
Percentage of Lead:from 35 to 86
Percentage of Flux:2 percents as standard or customized
Wire Diameter:0.5mm-3mm
Place of Origin:Foshan, China

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Product Description

Tin Lead Solder Wire with Rosin Core Sn63/Pb37

Sn63 / Pb37

Our company provides Tin Lead Solder Wires  with rosin core sn63/Pb37 with a variety of alloy composition , content and size of the diameter of pharmaceutical different specifications tin for customer choice. 

Tin Lead Solder Wire Type of Alloy:

Specification Melting point Working temperature Density (g/cm3) Main application

 Sn63 / Pb37 183 240-250℃ 11.06 Widely used in automatic wave soldering and manual dip soldering operation

 Sn60 / Pb40 183-190 250-260℃ 10.75

 Sn55 / Pb45 183-203 260-280℃ 10.7

 Sn50 / Pb50 183-215 280-300℃ 10.21

 Sn45 / Pb55 183-227 280-320℃ 9.96

 Sn40 / Pb60 183-238 290-330℃ 9.72

 Sn35 / Pb65 183-248 300-350℃ 9.5

 Sn30 / Pb70 183-258 320-350℃ 9.28

 Sn25 / Pb75 183-266 320-350℃ 9.07

 Sn20 / Pb80 183-279 320-350℃ 8.87

 Sn15 / Pb85 227-288 320-350℃ 8.68

 Sn10 / Pb90 268-301 320-350℃ 8.5

 Sn5 / Pb95 300-311 360-400℃ 8.4

OEM Acceptable

Type of Tin Lead Solder Wire:

Colophony core soldering tin wire

Water-solubility soldering tin wire

Soldering tin wire for capacitor

Tin solder wire for bulb

Low temperature tin solder wire

High temperature tin solder wire

Welding wire for other particular applications

Diameter of Tin Lead Solder Wire:


Weight of Tin Lead Solder Wire:


Advantages of Tin Lead Solder Wire:

Good soldering effect

Safe brightness of soldering point

Slight splash, smoke and smelling when soldering

Low corrosion

Small quantity of leftover and light color after soldering

High insulation resistance

Lead time: 

We have a lot of stock of Tin Lead Solder Wires, if not very big quantity, we can send the goods as soon as possible after receive payment. If big quantity, 15days after order confirmed. 


Shipping term: 

If small quantities of tin lead solder wire, usually send by courier (DHL, FEDEX, TNT and so on).If big quantity, we are advice to ship by air or by sea. We are near Foshan, Ronggui port.


Solder wire is packaged on spools,10 spools of tin lead solder wire per box

Neutral packing or OEM packing is available

Spectrum Analyzer:

Technical support to help customers to analyse their samples, and send out report.


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