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Name:Tin Lead Solder Wire
Composition:Tin, Lead
Core:Rosin flux
Wire diameter:0.5mm to 3mm

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Product Description

Tin Lead Solder Wires from XF Solder factory:

With development of soldering materials, there are so many types and alloys of solder materials, such as SN-AG, SN-AG-CU, SN-CU, SN-PB, SN-SB types etc. While among them, Tin Lead solder wire is the largest single group and the most widely used of the soldering alloys . Tin-Lead solders are compatible for use with all types of base metal cleaners, fluxes, and heating methods. 60/40 Tin Lead solder, almost the eutectic is particularly adaptable to delicate work or when soldering temperature may be critical. This particular item comes in 1/16″ Diameter and can also be offered in other sizes as well. This is also a quick setting solder for fine electrical and tinsmith work.

And besides the Sn-Pb 60/40 types, other compositions such as 50/50, 40/60, even down to 10/90 are available. As the percentage of tin decreases while percentage of lead increases, the cost goes down and the soldering temperature goes up, that means for any application which is cost-oriented and working condition of the components are at higher temperature, a low tin type should be ideal to use.

And it's more common that the tin lead solder wires come with rosin flux core, so no extra flux is needed during the soldering work.

Contact us for more details and pricing on the tin lead solder wires, our sales service team email: xfsolder@gmail.com


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