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Name:Sn20Pb80 Tin Lead Solder Wire
Product Name:Sn20Pb80 Tin Lead Solder Wire
Metal:Tin, Lead
Core:Rosin flux

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Product Description

Sn20Pb80 Tin Lead Solder Wire


Sn20Pb80 Tin Lead Solder Wire is used for coating radiator tubes for joining fins.


Sn20Pb80 Tin Lead Solder Wires are manufactured and designed to support optimized ball-attach applications of ball grid array (BGA) and chip scale package (CSP) components. Sn20Pb80 Tin Lead Solder Wires are packaged to resist surface darkening induced by transit tumbling which offers reduced machine vision faults in ball placement systems. We package your product in medical grade ESD Safe containers.

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