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Name:solder wire Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7
name:Solde Wire Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7
Alloy:Tin Silver Copper
Core:Rosin Flux 2.0

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Product Description

Solder Wire Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7


General description of Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 Solder Wire:

Within the lead free solder family group, the Sn99Ag0.7Cu0.7 (also known as SAC0307) is an important alloy and quite frequently used. Though SAC305 solder is the eutectic alloy and considered as the best alloy out of the whole lead free tin based group. But price of SAC305 is at very high price because the silver content is 3.0%, as we all know silver is very expensive, thus SAC0307 coming with a low silver at 0.3% is a nice alternative and replacement to SAC305 for those application that is not the most high end applications, cost wise SAC0307 is just at about half price of the SAC305. But in some high end applications, SAC305 still is best option.


Addtional information about Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 Solder wire

This SAC0307 Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 solder wire fully complies with RoHS standard, thus for applications whereas needs all components and accessories to be lead free, this alloy can be used for soldering purpose.


The melting point of Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 solder wire is between 217 to 226℃, a bit higher than SAC305, working temperature is recommended to be 50 to 80℃ higher than melting point.


XF Solder wire comes with a no clean rosin flux core for convenient soldering. We also have solid core solder wire available in case you need solid core.


Contact our sales team if you need to buy alloy Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 solder wire from us. Email: xfsolder@gmail.com & xfsolder@163.com, Wechat/Whatsapp: 008613450770997, main website www.xfsolder.com




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