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Name:solder wire sn63pb37 from China
Metal Type:Tin Lead Solder Wire
Core:Flux core
Product name:Solder wire sn63pb37

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Product Description

Solder wire sn63pb37 from China

Features of SOLDER WIRE SN63PB37 China:

  • Eutectic alloy (liquidus = solidus temperature)
  • Alloy exceeds J-STD-006C and meets ASTM B 32 purity requirements
  • Flux meets J-STD-004B
  • Rosin-activated flux
  • Fast wetting
  • Fast flowing
  • Non-corrosive residue
  • Non-conductive residue

General information about solder wire Sn63Pb37 China:

The Solder Wire Sn63/Pb37 from China is an electronic grade solder wire. It uses the eutectic tin-to-lead alloy ratio, which is complemented with a RA-like or RMA-like flux core. The solder wires meet J-STD-004B, ASTM B 32, and exceeds J-STD-006C specifications. It is one of the easiest solders to work with because it offers a low-melting temperature with a sharp melting/solidification point, which results in robust and reliable joints that are highly resistant to whisker formation.


The leaded solders achieve a consistent solder and flux percentage through a state-of-the-art, extrusion, wire-drawing machine. This machine continually monitors the wire to prevent voids and ensure consistency, providing a top-grade solder wire.


Advantages and disadvantage of solder wire Sn63Pb37 China:

A coin as two sides, so does an alloy. 


1. The quality and the properties of solder wire alloy Sn63Pb37 China is very good, with high tin content, the appearance is bright silvery color, and very good wetting property, the solderjoint is firm and strong, the electrical conductivity is excellent. 

2. The Sn63Pb37 is eutectic alloy, it has the lowest melting point at 183℃ among the whole family group of tin lead solder wire. For general soldering the melting point might not be that crucial, but for some applications whereas the electronic component is heat sensitive, too high working temperature would damage the component, then using this low temperature melting point alloy Sn63Pb37 is very appropriate. 


Above the good side of using a Sn63Pb37 alloy, while the shortcoming is, actually it is not really a "SHORTCOMING", is it's more expensive if you're comparing it to some lower tin solder wire, such as you compare it to Sn40Pb60 or Sn20Pb80 which have lower tin content and lower cost too.


Contact our sales team for more information of SOLDER WIRE SN63/PB37 either by email: xfsolder@gmail.com or xfsolder@163.com, or by WhatsApp or Wechat at 008613450770997.


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