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Name:Rosin activated solder wire in China
Name:rosin activated solder wire in China
Core:rosin activated

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Rosin activated solder wire in China

rosin activated solder wire

What is rosin activated solder wire?

This type of solder wire is pre-made with a flux core, during soldering there is no need to apply external flux. As we all know, without the flux, solders are not able to well join the electrical components or the metals. Traditional production technology of solder wires produces a solid core solder wire, and the user needs to use external flux which in a certain sense is not handy enough. By pre stuff the core of the solder wire with flux, it's handy to do the soldering, especially for DIY hobby-er or for mass production in the electronic factories. And the flux is rosin based, well mixed together and evenly filled into the core. Rosin provides heat and assistance to the following of the solders to make the solder joint strong and firm. And this rosin activated solder wire (RA solder wire) is with rosin fully activated.


Why should we choose rosin activated solder wire?

RA is a fully activated, general-purpose wire solder for use in applications where mildly activated fluxes are too weak. RA cored wire is strong enough for excellent tarnish and oxide removal, and will produce bright shiny solder joints. RA wire will leave slight to moderate post process residues that may be left on noncritical applications, but should be removed from any critical applications. RA cored wire meets Mil-Spec cleanliness requirements post-cleaning. IPC flux classification for this material is ROM1. This would be a ideal solder wire for repair of electronics, because the used electronic devices might be aged or oxidized, so do those solder joints inside, this rosin activated solder wire will help you to repair more easily.


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