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Name:XF kester no clean solder wire
Name:XF kester no clean solder wire
Alloy:Tin Lead or Lead free
Form:kester Solder Wire
Core:No clean

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Product Description

XF kester no clean solder wire

What is XF kester no clean solder wire?

The kester no clean solder wire means that the solder wire is made with a no clean rosin flux core. To understand the concept of no clean is important. No clean means it's no necessary to remove the residue after soldering, thus the flux has to be meet two requirements, first is that the flux must be well flashed after soldering and leaves barely no residue or just little residue; second is the residue must be neutral especially cannot be acid nature otherwise it will corrode the solder joint in a long run. Thus rosin flux is ideal for this purpose, because the rosin if a natural extract out of pine tree, it's a neutral ingredient that will flashed and leaves very little clear non aggressive residue to the solder joint that is not necessary to be removed. 

What is the XF kester no clean solder wire used for?

The type of kester no clean solder wire is designed majorly for the electronic & electrical soldering. As we know there are couples of options for the core of solder wires, the first option would be the solid core solder wire without flux, for this type of solder wire the users need to prepare external flux to be used together with solder wire during soldering, and it's up to what type of external flux that users choose to decide if the residue needs to be removed; While flux cored solder wire can be either be with acid core solder or rosin bond no clean solder wire, acid core if used for soldering metals where a tarnished surface of the soldered area needs to be cleaned, it's no suitable for using for electronic because the acid is too aggressive that in a long run will corrode the solder joint and the electrical components; Thus the bond no clean solder wire will be the most ideal choice for soldering the electronic devices, for it's no clean property, which greatly helps to improve the production capacity and production speed of electronics or electrical appliances.

How many types of bond no clean solder wire are available?

The kester no clean solder wire can be made with tin/lead alloy or lead free alloy, depending on client's request.


If you need to purchase the kester no clean solder wire in bulk, contact our sales team, Email: xfsolder@gmail.com or xfsolder@163.com ; Whatsapp/Wechat: 008613450770997 ; main website: www.xfsolder.com



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