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Name:Solder wire sn100c in China
Name:Solder wire Sn100c in China
Alloy:Tin Copper
Form:Lead free solder wire

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Product Description

Solder wire sn100c in China


What is solder wire sn100c in China?

The solder wire sn100c is a lead free solder wire that consisted of majorly tin, and alloyed with copper and nickle and small percentage. The solder wire sn100c is a patented formula from Nihon Superior from Japan, and only a very few authorized manufacturers can produce this special formula. But in our factory XF Solder we can provide similar product which is SACX07 solder wire, consisted of 99.3% tin and 0.7% copper, that has the similar soldering effect as Sn100c solder wire, and SAC07 Solder wire has a better cost comparing to solder wrie Sn100c in China.

How many types of solder wire Sn100c are available in China?

1. The solder wire Sn100c can be made with a rosin flux core. This rosin flux core is no clean core, which only leaves very little, transparent, non aggressive residue after soldering, which is suitable for soldering of electronic components. And it's same on the SACX07 solder wire. And with the rosin flux pre-planted inside the core, there's no need to apply external flux, this is a very handy product or the users.

2. Solid core solder wire Sn100c. This type of solder wire doesn't have a rosin flux core like above type, so it's a must that users have to prepare proper flux to be used together with the solder wire SN100C. Reason why some people choose the solid core solder wire sn100c, is because in some automatic soldering process, a multiple times of soldering at same place could take place, and if you use a rosin core flux though it leaves very limited residue, but this is no good if you need to do multiple soldering at one joint, in this case, a solid core solder wire would be more appropriate. 


We are Chinese manufacturer of lead free solder wire SACX07 lead free solder wire, which is very similar to solder wire SN100C, contact our sales team to ask for more details. Email: xfsolder@gmail.com or xfsolder@163.com ; Whatsapp/Wechat: 008613450770997 ; Main website: www.xfsolder.com





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