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Name:Rosin core solder kester
Name:Rosin core solder kester
Alloy:Lead free or Tin lead
Core:Rosin core
Form:wire solder

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Product Description

Rosin core solder kester


What is rosin core solder kester?

The rosin core solder kester is a solder wire that is equipped with a rosin based flux core. This is comparing to a solid core solder which is without flux inside the wire. Rosin is a neutral material that is non aggressive. 


Why should we use rosin core solder kester?

1. All the solder kester needs to be used together with flux during soldering. Without flux or without proper flux, the solder joint could be loose, or might have bad conductivity. There're two ways to do the soldering, if you're using a solid core solder you will need to prepare external flux and use it together which is a bit troublesome and time consuming; Best option is the rosin core solder kester that is already equipped with the rosin flux as core, so during soldering there's no need to apply in separate the flux.

2. Rosin core solder kester is neutral, non aggressive. The rosin after soldering only leaves very little, transparent, non aggressive residue which requires no cleaning. Rosin core is known as no clean solder too. Very handy for most of the users no matter hobby-er or professionals.


How many types of rosin core solder kester available?

In XF Solder we have below options:

Lead free rosin core solder kester including: SAC305 lead free rosin core solder kester, SAC0307 lead free rosin core solder kester, SAC07 lead free rosin core solder kester

Leaded rosin core solder kester including: Rosin core solder kester 63/37, rosin core solder kester 60/40, rosin core solder kester 50/50, rosin core solder kester 40/60 etc.

Please be noted that it's prohibited that the leaded rosin core solder kester to be used for portable water pipe soldering.


If you are looking to buy the rosin core solder kester in bulk with wholesale price, contact us. Email: xfsolder@gmail.com or xfsolder@163.com ; Whatsapp/Wechat: 008613450770997 , main website: www.xfsolder.com




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